Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mother in color...

Here they are in color, I did this in Photoshop last night on top of digital inks...again this is part of my new banner for CON's...that scribble in the background will eventually become a penciled Batman...


Russ Sheath said...


Paul said...

Hi Whilce!

i'm a french fan of your work and i've been for years, collecting your work when it is published since the 1990s!
First in the french publications and then in it's original publications in english when i discovered the comics-shops later, and more importantly had access to it.

It's great to finally be able to talk to you, i really appreciate that. Finally i can tell you how much i love your work!

This piece is absolutely fantastic!
As the new design of the characters of the first team.

I love it.

I've been following the title since the beginning, i am so happy it is back!

Thanks for sharing all this, it's really highlighting my reading of the series.
Keep posting, it's really appreciated.


John said...

Hello Whilce!

I'm a big fan of your works x-men and Wetworks !

I'm glad that I found this blog. I was actually searching the web for some infos about the original Wetworks.

BTW, I'm a Pinoy too.

Keep it up!