Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wetworks #14 Cover (detail)

Here is my first shot of the old team (minus Dane, Mother and Pilgrim...all of whom are on different covers) in all their fighting glory. I wanted to draw Vampires but that would've made each individual figure rather smallish, so I opted for more of a close-up shot. I think it contains their spirit pretty sharply, meaning as Dozer and Clay unload on Vampires (off camera) Grail and Jester headlong jump into the fray.

I have to say it is so easy drawing these guys again...alot of familiar fun. Notice also I've given the two heavy infantry guys these new "transformable" wrist guns that attach thru ammo belts to ammo packs on their backs. I have this idea that before a battle regular WW's soldiers can sneak into and around a target area and bury these ammo packs along the way, and during the fight as they run out of ammo Mother can lead them to these buried packs. Notice also that the ammo belts are not free floating like before, they are now more streamlined and are fully attached to the guys bodies. More sleeker look and less prone to "snag" on things.

Next cover...Dane and Ash and Ab-death back at WW's HQ in the command room which is really a huge holo chamber where the whole battle field in full lifesize scale is projected so that Dane can in real time "wander" within the target zone guiding our teams as they are fighting within the real target area. Will be sketching out a layout later in the week and so might be drawing this cover this weekend which Rich will ink...

Wetworks #13 cover (detail)

Cover Wetworks #13 (art proggression)

Here's the proggression from sketch to final colors on the cover for WW #13. Was told this would be a series of three covers of the teams fighting but wasn't given too much details on the actual story so decided to do one cover with the female fighters, then the next cover would be the guys fighting (which is my first cover of the old team in fight mode), then the last cover will be Dane and the other "thinkers on the team" meaning Ash, and Ab-death...