Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As before we will play up Grail being self-conscious of his looks. Therefore he will have a Philippine movie star look to him and be very fashion conscious...

For those in the know Grail this time around will be loosely modeled (looks and character) around the actor Robin "Bad Boy" Padilla...


Anonymous said...

Always interesting to hear how/who you model your characters after. WAY back when in San Francisco, I asked and got a sketch from you of Opal from the X-Factor days and you said that was modeled after a friend. It's still the highlight of my sketch collection.


Russ Sheath said...

Hey Whilce
a great series of posts. Thanks for taking the time. Are you looking at the 'new' wetworks as an opportunity to contemporise the wetworks concept or is this the way things would have gone had you stayed with the book on the original run?

I like that you are keeping the team reminicient of the fact that they are a military team. There is a danger that the team loose all of their grounding or essentially slip into military team 'cliche' which you have avoided and kept the team grounded. I like that.

As much as I would like the team to keep a more contemporary military look, I do enjoy the fantasy element and a huge part of the appeal of the book and wetworks over the last 14 or so years has been where you will take the team.
Man, I would love to write Wetworks. Gimme a shout if Mike ever jumps ship Whilce.



Doc Savage said...

Whilce these, these character renderings are awesome, no joke. I would love to see you do some issues with this kinda of detail and coloring.

It looks close to being painted. Have you ever thought of doing a painted issue or maybe using a technique similar to the one shown in the last few posts?

Just gorgeous stuff in these past few posts. Keep it up and keep putting it out there. This kind of behind the scenes stuff is inspiring and much appreciated.


Derrick Rodriguez said...


Oh man this is bringing back memories. It was only yesterday that my kuya got into Wetworks/Image back in the 90's. I was picking up my titles at the local shop and noticed Wetworks was back in action. Hahah and I've always thought you'd modeled Grail after Robin Padilla or one of his brothers. Alright well I'll definitely pick up the issues I've been missing out on the next time I stop by the shop. Keep up the blog man its been great reading up on how one of the titles I grew up on gets made.

Maraming salamat!


Dameyon said...

Does Grail still glow blue?

Rey said...

I was about to say Grail looked Robin Padilla until you mentioned it in the post under the drawing. hehehe. This is gonna kick ass.